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[embed]https://youtu.be/2rMZGoeNozk[/embed] Video Transcript: Interest-only home loans for owner-occupied purposes. It's a really hot topic at the moment, in the media. A lot of changes have happened in the industry, over the last 12 to 18 months. And interest-only loans, particularly for home owners, has been a topic that's right at th [...]

It’s only natural to be a bit afraid of debt. Most of us have been raised with the idea that financial debt should be avoided as much as possible. In my last blog I discussed the difference between good and bad debt. Now I’d like to look at how to take the fear out of debt and better manage debt to grow your assets. I’m sure [...]

When you hear the word debt it tends to bring negative connotations of stress and unpaid bills to mind, but when it comes to debt there are two kinds, good and bad. While it’s possible to live entirely debt free, doing so could hinder your potential for investment and reaching your financial goals such as purchasing property to live [...]

Optimizing the performance of your property investment portfolio will be a key component for any investor looking to maximise the return on their investments. Optimization can be done using a range of strategies depending on the type of property(s) you have and the desired outcome you are trying to achieve. The common denominator will [...]

Interest only or Interest and Principal the best loan for you?

Interest Only loans or Principal and Interest when buying your first home? What I am referring to here is the repayment option you have on your home loan. I am a huge advocate for choosing interest only loans for both the loan on the home you live in as well as any investment loans you might have. The main reason for this is Choice. I wa [...]