I was one of the runners up in the “Property Investor of the Year” awards in 2012, then 12 years into my now 16 years as an active property investor. I was proud of my portfolio back then and it’s still the case today.

My success as an investor came about by firstly having a goal to create a financially secure future for myself and my family and then embarking on the journey of educating myself on the options available to achieve this.

For many reasons property appealed to me and one reason is it’s an asset class that allows you to start participating in with minimal financial resources. I learnt early to invest within your means, focus on what you can do and what is appropriate for your circumstances. Choose investments that are manageable and sustainable for the long term, assume nothing and prepare for anything. Have robust risk management strategies, and as you grow focus on strengthening your financial position both within the investments themselves and also externally. There is no place for greed in this game, time in the market and patience is your friend.

Australians should have confidence that there are opportunities in the property market all of the time. It’s the job of all new and existing investors to understand as much as they can about what they are going to make a decision on and then take full responsibility for it. Lets hope positive constructive conversation can now take the place of sensationalised commentary over an investment option that has tremendous potential when respected!